There’s nothing greater than family. That’s the universal truth every human being comes to realize at some point or the other in their life. Especially in a country like India, the closeness and attachment we have for our family is very strong. And it becomes twice as much when we grow up in a joint family. We absolutely respect nuclear families and believe they are as strong as a joint families. But there are some little joys that you only experience when you grow up in a joint families. Here are 14 such amazing upsides of growing up in a joint family.

1. Listening to the amazing stories your grandparents have to tell you isn’t a once in a while affair.

2. You are taught the invaluable lesson of sharing from an early age itself .

3. At times, there are things kids just can’t share with their parents.

Fortunately, in a joint family there will be people of all age groups and the kids will eventually find someone they feel comfortable talking to.

4. There will be family members of different nature and temperament in one home.

There’s no greater coaching you’ll receive in learning how to be accepting, accommodating and adjusting to the needs of others.

5. Every person’s joy is multiplied a dozen times and the sorrow divided equally.

6. There’s no end to how many hours you can while away with your cousins.

7. Every family outing becomes a major larger-than-life event that turns into a celebration.

8. Even if your parents are caught up at work, you’ll never feel neglected or left out because you have your pick of aunts and uncles to spend time with.

9. And when there comes a grand occasion like a wedding, festival or birthday, the entire home changes into a grand spectacle.

10. There will never come a day when there’s absolutely no home-cooked food.

11. If ever there comes a point you need advice on something, you’ll get tons of amazing and insightful opinions.

12. The phrase ‘all for one and one for all’ is literally true in a joint family.

13. God forbid if there’s an emergency at whatever time of the night, you’ll have your entire family right by your side to assist you.

14. The importance of working together as a team through thick and thin is instilled in you and remains with you forever.

At the end of the day, family is all you have and in a joint family you get to cherish that fact every single day.