Jordan Peterson shared an image of Goddess Kali with some incomprehensible (at least to me) tweet. Whatever he would have tried to imply, it was certainly not putting the Hindu Goddess in a positive light.

jordan peterson
Al Arabiya

For those who don’t know who Jordan Peterson is, he has characterized himself politically as a “classic British liberal” and a “traditionalist.” But the media has often referred to him as right-wing.

Let me give you a back story of what is going on here, or at least what I could comprehend. An anti-LGBT activism judge was called for a speech at Stanford and the students along with the dean for DEI protested this. So, the guy who posted the video originally, who is also an anti-mask, possibly anti-LGBT, extreme right alumnus was calling names for the DEI dean. The tweet was shared by Jordan, who posted Goddess Kali’s image with the caption, “Sheer unadulterated narcissism in action. I care SO MUCH the devouring mother arises from the underworld.”

Now, I’ll be honest, I didn’t fully understand what he meant by that sentence but what I could comprehend by going through the replies was that he is either misappropriating the Dean to Goddess Kali because she is a black woman, or because he thinks Goddess Kali is decapitating masculinity in the image, or he might have meant that the Dean and the protestors think they are superior to the Judge, hence not letting him speak, or because this act of Dean is going to garner a lot of support and he thinks she might start being worshipped. I truly don’t understand. (If you do, please help me out?)

Either way, it was not well-received by Indians who rightfully started schooling Jordan Peterson on what this image of Goddess Kali represents and why he shouldn’t make derogatory comments, degrading a religion he doesn’t know much about.

Maybe, just maybe this accidental referral of Dean for DEI, Tirien Angela Steinbach as Goddess Kali, who curbs the earth of impurity is an apt reference after all? Either way, he should have researched better before he made that reference.