As bad as they might be for us, they taste so damn good, don’t they? Junk food. We call them junk but it still doesn’t stop millions from hogging on it day in and day out. The burgers, the pizzas, the shakes they are nothing short of bliss! Here are 10 signs you’re crazy about junk food:

1. You know the numbers of the top three fast food joints by heart. The rest of them are often found on the last called list.

2. You cannot watch TV unless you’ve safely surrounded yourself with the two dozen snacks you’ve bought.

3. You actually know all the different flavors of Lay’s!

4. Your idea of grocery shopping is buying chips, Coke and more chips.

5. You cannot walk past a McDonald’s without getting inside and ordering at least a McGrill.

6. Your most favorite part about going to a cinema theatre is getting a tray full of tasty buttery junk food.

7. You start sharing bizarre online articles like ‘Hamburgers are good for the heart’ or ‘Pizza makes you thin’ in the hope that maybe they may come true.

8. You can go through a large serving of French Fries in literally less than 45 seconds.

9. There are days when junk food features on your breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

10. The words ‘fried’ ‘crispy’ or ‘cheesy’ can send you into fits of foodgasm!