There are two types of people in this world: those who can take a secret to their grave, and those who just cannot keep a secret to save their life. If you fall in the latter category, don’t worry, you’re not alone!

I know you find it really hard to keep a secret, and when someone asks you to keep something to yourself, the pressure to keep mum is just inexplicable. I know because same is the case with me. Here are 17 struggles that you will be able to relate to if you’re bad at keeping secrets:

1. No one tells you anything because your friends never trust you with secrets in the first place.

2. Whenever they are around you, they talk in whispers and murmurs.

3. Which annoys you to the core.

4. You literally have to beg them to share a secret with you.

5. And when they finally do, this is how you feel…

6. However, whatever they share, comes with a serious warning.

“I will never talk to you if you tell this to anyone.”

7. And you are always asked to make a ‘pinky promise’ not to reveal it.

8. As soon as you know the secret, you start getting an urge to share it with somebody.

9. Even though you try to resist it, the pressure to not give it away is killing.

10. Usually, you can not keep it to yourself for more than a couple of hours.

11. And if by chance you keep it for a day, you feel proud of yourself!

12. You blurt it out without meaning to.

You’re absolutely sure that you won’t tell anyone when suddenly… POOF! You tell someone.

13. You end up telling one person with specific instruction to keep it to himself/herself.

But before you know it, everyone has found out.

14. After you’ve told one person, you yourself lose control and end up telling more people.

15. You suck at giving surprises.

Because by the time it happens, it’s not a surprise anymore.

16. You are always surprised about how people can keep something to themselves.

Does it not kill them from the inside?

17. You want to be like that too. But deep down, you know you’ll never be able to.