We did a lot of silly, stupid and mischievous things when we ere growing up. Some of that was pure shaitani, but sometimes, actually scratch that, most times, we pushed and egged our friends and challenged them to take their mischief to a whole other level. Remember when we:

1. Asked a friend if he had the guts to trip a teacher.

2. Challenged a friend to ask out the hottest guy/girl in school.

3. Or when we dared our friend to put a blindfold on the statue of the school’s founder.

4. Dared your friend to put a kick me sign on your teacher’s/monitor’s back.

5. Remember that time when you and your friends all challenged each other to sneak into a grave-yard?

6. Or that time you all excitedly (and foolishly) decided to take part in a Gol-Gappa eating contest?

7. We also didn’t hesitate in daring our friends to pull our buddy’s shorts down during Games period.

8. There was no pleasure greater than challenging a friend to throw a paper balls at the black-board. And the friend actually going through with it. The mayhem afterwards? Totally worth it.

9. Play time was a hoot as well. We asked our friends to do all sorts of silly stunts on our bicycles, including wheelies, stoppies and standing on the seat.

10. Of course, there was that time when we were challenged by our friends to finish a whole bottle of soda in one go. Ah, the brain freeze.

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