There are many things in this world that are worth your time. But then there are many others that are not worth it and yet we inevitably find ourselves stuck in them. Here are some of the the nastiest time-suckers we go through.

1. Commuting to work every day

Travelling the same route, with the same people and their same dead expressions, everyday.

2. When the doctor prescribes “bed rest”

I’d rather go through this.

3. A boring meeting/presentation in the office

There are more fun ways to die.

4. Those morning assemblies in school

Could it be more repetitive?

5. Waiting in queue

Why are there so people in this world? Why?

6. Doing the dishes

Everyone should use edible plates.

7. Waiting for food after placing the order

No, I refuse to pass time by taking selfies.

8. Waiting for your online purchase to get delivered

“Priority membership” my ass.

9. The “we need to talk” talk

If it’s bad news, can’t you just rip it like a band-aid and run?

10. Small talk with relatives

Yes, I’ve grown up since the last time we met. May I please leave now?

11. Sitting through the ads before a movie

Yes, I paid 200 bucks to hear about Suresh Mukesh and his tambaaku addiction.

12. Waiting to hear back after a job interview

“We’ll be in touch”, she said.

13. The reaction/suspense shots in saas-bahu serials

Yes, I really need to see her reaction from three different angles.

14. Endless havans in family functions

Khana kab milega?

15. Waiting for the traffic light to turn green

I think my beard just grew longer.

16. Now that winter is here, waiting for the geyser to heat up