Music festivals can be magic. You listen to the most beautiful music all day, and you meet more interesting people in a matter of a few days than you would outside in the real world in a year. A situation this close to paradise is bound to attract the same kind of people however, for better or for worse, and after a while it becomes easy to categorise them into a broad few groups.

At the upcoming Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival 2015, watch out for a few of these staple festival characters!

1. The one who knows all the artists

This person can pronounce band names that don’t even have any alphabets, and can tell you exactly which song the artist is going to play next. Sometimes you wonder why they don’t put their photographic memory to better use. At BEVC, they simply call this person ‘The Artist’.

2.The one who is always on someone’s shoulders

You know the one. She’ll be plastered across platforms of social media – propped up on someone’s shoulders with her hands in the air. I think it’s high time their carriers got some recognition too, which is why these unsung heroes carrying people around are called ‘The Warriors’ at BEVC.

Source – Jezebel

3. The one who dances all wrong

These people love to dance, and that’s always a good thing. Trying to start a moshpit at a minimal techno set however is definitely not. I may be exaggerating, but sometimes, less is more.

Source – Consequenceofsound

4. The person with the feathers

Whether it’s a boy or a girl, this one will have a bunch of temporary tattoos all over, and feather headgear to go with it. They’ll look like a walking, talking dreamcatcher and say things like “Your aura is so in tune with the world” or some such.

Source – Matthewdeventer

5. The person who’s taken a little too much

Pace yourself. Wiser words have seldom been spoken. But sometimes we all just say “screw that” and go all out. Getting wasted is an age old phenomenon, and you can spot this person from a kilometre off. They’ll probably be howling at the moon or trying to find a corner to throw up in.

Source – Wsj

6. The one who watches the festival through a lens

We’re not talking about the designated photographers and videographers, these are people who just find it more comfortable to have a picture of every single thing they do at a festival. You can usually find them arguing about who has a bigger lens.

Source – Esfahantalar

7. The one who can get in anywhere

This person knows all the right people, and can get into the backstage area in a jiffy. A useful friend to have, though they tend to be few and far between. If you’re really broke, they can probably hook you up with a drink. At BEVC, they call this person ‘The Spaceman’.

Source – Consequenceofsound

8. The one who comes with their family

Now this is a combination that can swing both ways. If the family is chill, these people are a fun lot to watch and can pretty much be an inspiration for your own future. However, if it’s a kid with parents who won’t shut up about how much people drink nowadays, then get right out of their way.

Source – Gawker

9. The one who wants his space

This person has had enough of his unenthusiatic friends and limited space. They’ll be by themselves, dancing and wilding out to their favourite artist, no f#$@s given! However, they can also be of great help, keeping you hydrated and generally being a person you can depend on. At BEVC, they call this kind of person ‘The Shaman’.

Source – Consequenceofsound