So, here’s the thing. Kamaal R Khan, one of India’s richest most famous Holland-milk-drinking, Gucci-wearing celebrities is at it again. But this time it looks like he’s messing with the wrong guy. He has decided to take on easily India’s most popular and adored comedian – Kapil Sharma. If there’s one person who ‘trends’ more than KRK, it’s Kapil Sharma.

This is a tweet that KRK put up using totally polite language and behaving like a true gentleman.

Only KRK can put up a tweet offending women (walks like a girl), transexuals (laughs like a chakka) and himself (talks like a chutiya).

KRK then follows it up with this tweet:

In addition to again resorting to Queen’s English, KRK this time claims to have 100 servants like Kapil working at his house. There’s a good chance KRK thinks they are like Kapil because they end up giving him Babaji ki thullu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Then there’s this tweet from KRK:

So basically what KRK is saying is this:


Not too sure if Jackie Shroff will agree with this statement.

Kapil being Kapil had a few words to say as well:

This was one of Kapil’s tweets:

Looks like Kapil is really really really pissed off. Notice the 3 smileys!

Kapil also had this to say:

Kapil, how can KRK call you? Don’t you know he’s on roaming all the time? By the way Kapil BC wouldn’t be a good way to insult KRK, a better insult would be DD (DeshDrohi!)

Well, before kissing goodbye to various people & sending 1000 kisses to the rest, he tweeted this:

Now we’re not sure who started the fight or what’s the current status of the fight. All we know is that this was a twitter war too sweet to miss out on. And we’re glad that twitter is keeping KRK busy. Otherwise he would be working on DeshDrohi 2. Now, we don’t want that do we?