Our time at college is like the concert which we eagerly wait for during our school years. And the last year of college is like the last song of that concert. We keep wishing that time would rewind itself or stop moving because it seems like the best time of our lives. But every show has got to end so that the next may begin, right?

Though our mind knows this reality, it takes a lot of time to accustom ourselves to it. These are some things that go through one’s head during the last year of college :

1. “I need to make the most of this year and enjoy myself because who knows when I’ll find the time again.”

2. “Will I get a job? What will I do if I don’t get one? Wait, what sort of a job do I want? “

3. “Will I lose all my friends after college?”

4. “I’ve grown so old!”

5. “I am going to study this year and make up for the previous years.”

6. “If I had participated in more activities, my CV would look so much better.”

7. “Shit, the best days of my life are numbered!”

8. “It’s now or never. I should tell him/her how I feel.”

9. “Should I be studying further or should I be taking up a job?”

10. “This will probably be my last farewell. What will I wear?”

11. “Once I start earning, I’ll earn my freedom.”

12. “Where will life take me from here?”

13. “I am going to miss everything about college, even the things I hate.”

14. “I managed alright after school ended. I will probably be alright even after college ends. “

The last year of college is a whole lot confusing, nevertheless it’s awesome. Enjoy it while it lasts!