There’s lazy and then there is you, the laziest. The word ‘active’ makes no sense to you, unless you add ‘in’ at the start. No matter what kind of friendship you share with your gang, you and your laziness share the strongest bond. As despicable as you might be to them, laziness defines you and you’re too lazy to do anything about it!

Here are 17 signs you can relate to if you’re the laziest person in your group!

1. You are too lazy to make plans with your friends.

“Tum pahuncho, main aa raha hoon!”

An hour later, you either find yourself stepping out of bed or cancelling!

2. And if you end up going, you’re always late.

You need that parking spot close to the bar/restaurant because you cannot walk 10 blocks. Too tiring.

3. But you’re okay with people coming over as long as you don’t have to move an inch.

It saves you the struggle of going out. They can come, chill with you, do their thing and leave.

4. However, you avoid hosting house parties.

Who has the time to invite, organize and then clean up later? That’s asking too much from you.

5. In case you become the host, your guest-list ends ups doing all the work.

While you happily sit in a corner and enjoy the party..

6. You have the messiest house among your friends.

No matter how filthy your place gets, there is no way that you’re moving your butt to clean. Why disturb the dirt?

7. You refuse to change the TV channel when you’re watching with your mates.

Even when the program sucks and you’re only a feet away from the remote. And if the remote is lost, RIP remote!

8. You hardly dress up for social gatherings.

Too much effort. You might as well wear the first thing you lay your eyes on or not change at all.

9. Your friends are surprised when you get a new haircut/style.

Let’s just say, you’re too lazy to experiment. Or care.

10. You rarely accompany your friends on a shopping trip.

Because shopping equals long hours of walking, talking, thinking and buying.

11. When you go on a long trip, you’re too lazy to drive!

12. You’re the first one to say “Yaar, kab se chal rahe hain. Auto lelo!” when you have to walk a distance.

“2 minutes of walking is long, yaar!”

13. You often ignore calls/ texts.

Because talking or typing equals effort.

14. And if you reply, they’re mostly “hmm” , “k” or “achcha”.

It irritates your friends but who cares? You prefer one word replies and for obvious reasons.

15. Your social media activity is the least in your group.

You rarely participate in WhatsApp group conversations. And your twitter/instagram updates are a definite low. But you don’t really care. FTW!

16. You rarely plan surprise birthday parties for your friends.

Your biggest contribution is making it to the party before the birthday girl/boy arrives.

17. You’re never involved in group fights because who has the energy to fight, right?

Friends can come and go. But, nothing can go wrong as long as you and your laziness have each other!