Relationships can be tricky. The right one can take you places, and the wrong one, well, it can leave you shattered. However, there is one good thing about a bad relationship – it teaches us a lot. A relationship gone bad, gives us the much-needed reality check in life. While we wouldn’t want you to be in a bad relationship, if you have been in one, here’s why it’s not all that bad after all:

1. To learn when to say no.

Often times, we hesitate to say no to people we love or are attached with. A bad relationship teaches us to stand up for ourselves and say no.

2. To get a reality check on what love really is.

Just like life, love doesn’t always go the way you want it to be, but it will take us to the place or person that is best for us.

3. To remind us to not settle for anyone who doesn’t treat us well.

Ignoring his habit of lying and disrespecting wasn’t a good idea after all. We don’t need to settle for anyone who doesn’t treat us well because we deserve so much better than that.

4. To rediscover ourselves.

Any relationship that we are into, helps us get to know ourselves better. It might end on a bad note, but we come out a better person.

5. To learn what works for us in a relationship and what doesn’t.

We now know what we actually want from our partner and what we are better without.

6. To realise the importance of friends and family, and thank them for their unconditional love.

They are the ones who still stand by us and support us in everything we do. Testing times like these only make our relationship with them stronger.

7. To make us stronger!

So he came, and is now history. But all this while, we realise that the relationship actually made us a better and stronger person.

8. To be independent in the true sense.

We often jump from one relationship to another and forget what being independent feels like. Everybody needs a little time off from dating and be independent. Remember, you don’t need a man to make you happy.

9. To be ready for the ‘right person’.

They say if it felt that good with the wrong person, how would it feel with the right one? A bad relationship not only prepares us for the right person, but also makes us realise their importance when they come along.

10. To remind us that we all make mistakes. They don’t make us a failure. They just make us, us.

11. To get a better hold of our emotions.

As humans, we are all too emotional. We meet people, get attached with them and laugh and cry together. Being in a bad relationship, lets us get a better hold of our emotions.

12. Last, but definitely not least, to teach us that life moves on and that there is always a silver lining.

We might think it is the end of the world, but time is the biggest healer and life moves on. We have to let go of it, only to make way for better things to happen to us.

The right person will come along when you are not looking, and everything will be fine again. Until then, stay strong!

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