Remember India’s first-ever superhero? Kanoon ka dost, mujrimo ka dushman– Shaktiman. Weekends were never complete without our dose of some desi superhero action. A powerhouse dedicated to fighting evil and saving mankind, Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri left a mark in our hearts just like his alter ego, Shaktiman. From the action sequences to the message that he gave at the end of every episode, the show taught us quite a lot. Here are 10 lessons that we learnt from our very own Shaktiman:


No matter how strong Tamraj Kilvish is, andhera kayam nahi rahega.


There’s a superhero waiting to be unleashed in every Gangadhar Shastri.


If you ever do something wrong, say ‘Sorry Shaktiman!’


You will eventually end up with the love of your life (read Geeta Vishwas).


From drinking milk to eating green vegetables, he always seemed to have some advice for us.


Put up your big girl/boy shoes when the going gets tough.


Beware of your surroundings and don’t trust people easily. It can be Shalaka or Behroopiya in disguise.


Praying is cool. It is thanks to Shaktiman that we know the Gayatri Mantra by heart.


Geeta Vishwas taught us to always find the root cause of any problem.


Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re worthless. Sometimes you have to listen to your heart and not give a fuck about anybody, just like Shaktiman did. *Fuckfuckfuckfuck*

Thank you, Shaktiman!

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