*BIG BEAR HUG* Doesn’t it feel good? Comforting? Very much! I love hugs, and I’m sure you do too. We all do. So do our dads.

You hug your mom, don’t you? You come up with different ways to express your love for her. Then why not your dad? Why wait for a day – his birthday, or Father’s Day, to tell him he’s your hero? Why not just give him the love and attention he deserves, everyday? And surely, there couldn’t be a better way to express that than a warm hug.

Often, it’s not words, it’s gestures that speak louder. A smile or a hug can often be way more powerful than an ‘I love you’. Fathers, especially, are not expressive about how they wish their children spent more time with them. But, that does not indicate they don’t feel the need for some bonding. Don’t we bond with the people we love? Don’t we enjoy those little gestures by our loved ones that tell us they care about us? That holds true for papas too!

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I’ve noticed, dads who get attention from their children are much happier than those who don’t. There’s a gleam in their eyes that’s lacking in the eyes of dads whose kids don’t spend as much time with them. Know that you mean the world to your dad. And know that nothing in this world can make him happier than your reciprocation for his love. Even if he doesn’t express it. Smile at him more often. Take time out for him like you do for your mom. Hug him, bond with him, take him out for a drink, or coffee, or a game of badminton. Soon, you’ll see a changed man, and you’ll be glad you took the initiative.

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