To the people across the border, 

For once, let’s forget the issues. Let’s forget the arguments and the fights.

And the wars. 

Yes, we’ve had our issues. But then again, which relationship doesn’t?

We’ve been through a lot. 

There are battles we have both won…

…and lost.


But it isn’t just about battles.

There are things we have both overcome.


There are certain evils we are both still fighting.


There’s the beautiful land we have been fighting over.


This is how it looks on our side.


And by the looks of it, your side is quite beautiful, too.


Sometimes it’s just sad.

But, like I said…

Every relationship has issues. So, the best thing to do right now is extend a hand of friendship. 


Yes, we are all patriots but that doesn’t mean we dislike other countries. 

I’m sure you wonder what life is like in our country. And we wonder the same about yours. The Mughals left behind some great dishes which I’m sure we both enjoy.


There are other things as well that we both love.

It is true that we are different in many ways. But, we are alike in many more. 

Sometimes innocent people are subjected to evils they don’t deserve.


It’s not always about which side of the border you’re on; but, which side of humanity you’re on.

Borders are mere lines. Humans are hearts and souls. We are all made of the same flesh. We are all one blood. 


So, from one human to another, here’s wishing you a Happy Independence Day.