The irony of life never ceases to amaze. Some people walk unimaginable distances just to earn enough for food while the rest of us complain about life sitting in the back seat of our air conditioned cars. It just goes to show how unfair life can be for so many people and how thankful we should be for getting the basic necessities required for survival.

These photos can change anyone’s perspective on life and show how heartbreakingly difficult it is for some:

1. A girl looks on as her dream passes by.

2. Something to think about the next time you buy slippers.

For many, it is make do with what you have.

3. The young boy chained for his own good.

Lakhan Kale has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. His grandmother sells flowers on the streets to make money. She chains him up for his own safety while she works. Lakhan’s father died and his mother ran away.

4. The 12-year-old whose muscle is his creativity.

Luka’s disorder causes extreme muscle weakness. Inspite of that, he is very creative. With the help of photographer Matej Peljhan, Luka became the subject of some very creative photos.

5. The glass that separates two worlds.

6. A 97-year-old looking after her 60-year-old paralysed son.

She’s been doing that for the past 19 years.

7. A kid shouldered with all the responsibility.

8. A dim light to fight for a bright future.

Children studying in candle light.

9. Nothing can explain helplessness like this picture. A girl runs after a truck to get water.

Life just moved too fast for her.

10. Responses from elementary school children after a teacher asked them to write what they wished she knew.

Some are just too innocent and difficult to digest.

11. A 4-year-old burdened with taking care of his 2-year-old sister.

Imagine how helpless & insecure they must feel.

12. The two ‘opposite’ walks of life.

13. A boy who just witnessed his parents being killed by protectors.

American soldiers shot his parents in front of him.

14. A girl in Syria raises her hand thinking the camera is a gun.

15. Life’s vicious circle: A mother readying her kid in their house.

16. When the grass is really greener on the other side.


17. What did they do to deserve this?

18. Enough food to feed an entire building wasted.

This really is rubbish.

19. The cycle of life leaves no one.

20. And it can be cruel to all those who live.


Finally, this photo of the boy who witnessed the horrors of life in just 3 years of existence throws a lot into perspective. Life for him was so unfair that he had no one to complain to during his time here. So he resorted to someone else.

Humanity is suffering. Are we really that helpless to not do anything about it? Just something to ponder about.