And that’s where pets come in. They bless our lives with their loving presence, shower their endless love upon us and leave us heartwarming memories that I simply cannot describe in words. They know the true art of living and in every step of the way try to teach us the same.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

The question is how much do we actually learn from them. Here are 14 lessons our pets are silently trying to teach us. Are you paying attention?

1. To be selfless.

Our pets devote their entire life to us. Their dedication towards us makes them our true companions. No book or person can teach us such compassion and love towards others the way they can.

2. To love unconditionally.

Love is difficult to find in today’s world. We think we know love and we think we show love. But do we, really? How about we tally it with the amount of love our pet shows towards us? I know we cannot quantify love but in the back of our heads, we know what’s true.

3. To not judge a book by its cover.

Just like how our pets don’t judge us for dancing naked in the house when we’re alone or for doing other weird things when they’re around. They love us for who we are, the way we are, no matter what.


4. To not be ignorant of people who care about us.

Because ignorance isn’t a bliss when it comes to our loved ones. Every time we give our pets their favourite food or a new toy, they come running to us. But even on days we don’t, they come to us. They’re always there for us. But are we always there for the ones we care about?

5. To pamper ourselves in any way we like.

We know how our pets roll on the floor, lick their butt and eat with the same mouth without giving two hoots about the world. They like it, they enjoy it, so they do it. Maybe we should lose our inhibitions too.

6. To spend time with our loved ones.

Our pets make sure to spend time with us, sometimes even on days when we don’t want to be bothered. But their gesture alone makes a lot of difference in our lives. How about we do the same for our near and dear ones?

7. To listen. And listen patiently.

Every time we have a bad day with no one around to talk to, we tend to confide in our pets. Sometimes in anger, sometimes in grief, sometimes out of joy. In any case they’re all ears, whether they make sense of our words or not.

8. To eat every meal like it’s our last one.

Or fetch that same ball with equal zeal every time! Basically, they teach us to do everything wholeheartedly, especially the things that seem most mundane. Something to take note of.

9. To find discipline.

Our pets have the perfect routine. And no way in hell can we mess it. If we do, we better be prepared for a carpet full of shit! An important lesson to pick from here, don’t you think? After all, “discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”.


10. To greet with affection.

Our parents/friends probably aren’t this happy to see us every time we walk in the house! These tiny bundles of energy are always around to make our entrance grand. A simple cuddle and all our problems subside. For the time being at least!

11. To start the morning on a happy note.

I don’t understand how they manage to wake up early with a big, bright smile on their face. Yes, they want to poop and go for a walk but still! We all know how difficult it is. But they’ve mastered the trick. I wonder when we’ll stop being night owls!

Source: bregmanvet.blogspot

12. To stand up against those who try to harm our loved ones.

They bark, howl, bite, scratch, basically do everything in their power to protect us. Do we do the same for our dear ones? Well, we definitely don’t bark, bite and scratch!

13. To find excitement in the mundane activities of life.

If there is anyone who can understand monotony, it has to be our pets. Their routine is the most static thing their lives, and our too. Yet they manage to keep things interesting. We never get tired of watching them goof around or petting them or even watching them sleep next to us while we pull off an all-nighter.

14. To hold on to that one person/people who matter(s) the most in life.

Our pets live a short life. But even in this little span, they manage to hold on to us throughout, while we struggle to hold on to people, and most often end up losing them in the process. Being there for someone in this dog-eat-dog world is hard. Very hard, in fact. But our pets sail through effortlessly. The least we can do is try!

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Understanding our pets completely is not possible. But taking inspiration from them is. They lead a simple life, full of love and happiness. The kind of life we long for! Well, guess who has the answer to all our problems?