The thing about life is that it’s a lesson you can learn only by living. Experience is the best teacher they say, and it’s true. That is why it is said that we grow wiser as we grow older. We do things, we make mistakes and we learn from them.

But some of these mistakes can prove costly. The price we pay to learn our lessons can be too steep. So how about some cheat codes in life? Here are 20 things about life which you’re better off realizing now rather than later:

1. Don’t chase beauty. There is a lot more to a relationship.

2. Be yourself. How long will you pretend to be somebody you’re not?

3. Do something you love. Money isn’t everything.

4. If it’s not working out, let that person go.

5. Be honest. Especially with yourself.

6. Forgive and forget. What’s the point of grudges?

7. If it means something to you, fight for it till the end.

8. Believe in yourself. You were born for a reason.

9. Do what you want. You only regret the things you didn’t do.

10. Take time out for your passion. If you keep saying ‘someday’, it’s never going to happen.

11. Hold on to friendships. People are the biggest currency we have.

12. When you love someone, make sure they know. You might not get a chance later.

13. Apologize when you’re wrong. Saying sorry does not make you a lesser person.

14. Don’t worry about others judging you. It’s their problem, not yours.

15. Take care of yourself. Good health is paramount.

16. Always give your best. So if you fail, you know it’s not your fault.

17. Live your life, don’t just exist. Do it today because you might not have tomorrow.

18. Travel as much as you can. There’s a lot to see.

19. Don’t keep regrets. They will only eat you from the inside.

20. Spend more time with loved ones. Especially your elders.

Now that you know these life hacks, remember them and live life to the fullest. But it doesn’t end here. You will figure out more things as you grow older. Because as they say, life is a lesson that you learn as you live.