You are amazing. You know it all. You’ve seen it all. You’ve done it all. So then, why do you feel like shit if you’re doing alright? Everyone has good days and bad days, but in any case, why should you feel horrible about yourself? Like you’re the one who screwed up?

You shouldn’t. Here are some simple hacks to life, which will help you stay your best at all times, even on days you simply cannot.

1. There is always scope for improvement.

There is a better version of yourself which you are yet to see. Always!

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2. Let go of the past.

The past is supposed to be left in the past. Don’t hang on to it and limit yourself.

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3. Believe in action.

Stop overthinking and overassessing every situation. Whether the case is in your favour or not, it’s always better to not think too much. #DoMoreThinkLess

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4. Talk better not bitter.

In other words, stop bitching.

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5. Treat people with respect.

The kind you would want from them.

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6. Whatever you do, do it with passion.

It’s not about wanting something, it’s about how badly you want something.

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7. Stay positive.

Now you might say this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But, honestly it is. Optimism probably isn’t. But having a positive view even during times of turmoil is. Take this 9-year-old Filipino kid for example:

He lost his father in 2012 and soon after, his house to a fire. Read more here .

8. Stop with the negative self-talk.

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9. Let go of the fear of failure.

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10. Exercise. Stay fit.

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11. Smile.

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12. Avoid procrastinating.

The more you procrastinate, the more baggage you add.

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13. Be yourself.

How long will you pretend to be someone you’re not?

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14. When there’s too much stress, look within and switch off your mind.

Detach from the worldly worries. It’s not very different and I have heard you say

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15. Don’t judge.

I can understand the lack of opportunity we have when it comes to changing our perceptions with people, knowing their side of the story. But it shouldn’t be a justification for resorting to a judgement about someone.

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16. Think big.

I once read this book called The Magic Of Thinking Big. I’d recommend you all to read this one. It truly is magical.

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17. Dress well.

By well I don’t mean you look your fabulous best all the time, but decent, presentable attires at all times. It plays a part in keeping your confidence intact, even if you think otherwise.

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18. There is no need to please people all the time.

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19. Be happy for others even when you are not.

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20. Experience every moment to the fullest.

Our minds are trained to either rewind or push forth. But sticking to the moment we’re in, observing it to the fullest, will only help us worry less and stay connected to our better selves.