It’s a milestone in every youngster’s life – the moment when you move out from your parents’ house and start living on your own. There are days when you feel like sitting alone and crying, there are days when you feel like pulling your hair out in anger, there are moments when you feel like ‘I just want to run back to my parents’ but living alone is an experience that teaches you more about life than anything else. Life is about finding yourself and anyone who’s lived on their own will know staying alone is the best way to get there. Here are 10 things living alone teaches you.

1. Nothing makes you independent faster than missing the doting protective influence of your parents.

2. They say you won’t learn how to walk until you fall. Living alone has its share of troubling experiences but it toughens your character and prepares you for any adversity you may face.

3. When the onus of paying bills, buying grocery, keeping an entire apartment neat and tidy falls on you, you learn to depend on yourself and your decisions.

4. When you live alone, you are solely responsible for every move you make. There’s no dad or mom who’ll swoop in and make those complicated choices for you.

5. There’s no greater character building exercise than living on your own.

6. A common cold or a flu will feel like the end of the world when you don’t have your mom’s care. But once you come out of it on your own, you’ll always know how to take care of yourself.

7. Staying alone means spending more time with yourself and getting to discover things about yourself you didn’t know previously.

8. Be it the maid, the nosey neighbor or the unreasonable landlord, living alone teaches you how to deal with all kinds of people.

9. No matter how old you are you don’t start living the adult life until you’ve moved out of your parents’ house.

10. Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

So anyone who hasn’t experienced living alone, let us tell you, no matter how intimidating it may seem, it’ll give you more than what you can imagine!