Living alone can be very liberating. No one to disturb you or invade your privacy. You have the place all to yourself and can use the loo whenever you want (while leaving the bathroom door open). But living alone can also be very, very challenging as you will painfully find out if you ever live alone. Here are 15 problems you’ll face if you live all by yourself:

1. Waking up every morning!

There is nobody to wake you up and you never hear the alarm!

2. Ordering food everyday.

Firstly, you can never decide what to eat. And once you do, the minimum order is always 200 bucks more than what you want!

3. Cooking alone is such a pain.

4. And whether you order home delivery or cook at home, eating alone is so boring.

5. Horror movies scare the shit out of you.

You watch them with full gusto but afterwards, you get scared to sleep alone!

6. You can never have a bath in peace.

Just when you go into the shower, the bell rings!

7. No one to take care of you when you’re sick.

8. No one to split the bills with.

Rent, electricity bill, water bill, internet, groceries…

9. All the shopping has to be done on your own.

And once you do that, there’s no one to help you carry the bags home.

10. No one to take turns at doing the dishes or cleaning the room.

11. Your place is always a mess.

You keep thinking you’ll clean it but keep postponing!

12. And even if you get a maid to cook/clean up, dealing with her is a big task!

13. If you stay in all day, there are chances that you might not meet another human being from morning to night.

14. You have to deal with the landlord all by yourself.

On the rare occasion that a friend comes over, the landlord argues that you said you’ll live alone.

15. And the biggest problem of them all… You’re always bored to death!