Distance sucks! Sometimes, it feels like the worst thing ever, and you dread that “unreachable/switched off” message at the other end of the call.

But, as they say, there’s a good side and a bad side to everything in life. For all the sucky parts of a long distance relationship, some of it is actually really good. So here’s to putting on our optimistic goggles and carrying on with our relationships!

1. It’s scientifically proven to be good for you.

Scientific research proves that being in a long distance relationship actually brings people closer together. Take that, naysayers!

2. You get to talk less, but every conversation is meaningful.

You know that you can’t talk all the time. Which means, that you know how to squeeze in all the important things into whatever time you get together. Every talk is a special talk!

3. And that means, you get more time for yourself!

You know how some couples are completely engrossed in themselves and have no time for anything else in the world? Yeah. You’re not one of them.

4. You get better at planning things efficiently.

Long distance relationships involve constantly coordinating your schedules to make time for each other. Which means, you get way better at planning your days out.

5. You find innovative ways to be with each other.

Since you’re not in the same town and can’t do the boring old routine things everyday, you find newer ways to be closer to each other. Sometimes, it’s the online games you play, sometimes you read the same books… things are anything but boring.

6. No boring routines means you don’t get tired of each other.

You’ve been together the same two years that your same-city couple friends. But you know what? They aren’t half as excited about the relationship as you are.

7. Since you can’t keep track of each other all the time, you get to surprise each other a lot more.

Remember that pizza your boyfriend ordered to your hostel when you were down? Or that time you sent new guitar strings to him by mail? You’re together even when you’re not.

8. You get a taste of independence and freedom.

Being away from your partner gives you time to discover your tastes, and deal with challenges all by yourself. It’s nice to know that you can manage on your own.

9. You don’t have to worry about being perfect all the time.

Hey, your voice on the phone is as pretty in pajamas as it is in a little black dress.

10. You have more things to discover together.

Two different cities = (food, fun, hangouts, parties, friends, adventures) x 2!

11. You get to travel and explore much more than everyone else.

A lot of times, it’s easier to just take a trip together than to meet in your home town. As a result, you get a lot more fun trips together than everyone else!

12. You get some time for new hobbies.

They don’t get to see you everyday, and they can’t possibly know everything you’re up to. Now’s the time to pick up some new skills to impress them with!

13. There is always a little mystery to the relationship.

What could she be doing right now? How will he react when he finally sees my haircut? No amount of phone/skype conversations can match up to the real deal.

14. You savour every moment of it.

A long distance relationship forces you to take things slow. Which means, that you cherish every little moment that you have together.

15. You get a lot more privacy. A lot more.

Did you ever think about the fact that being away from your home town means being away from your parents and relatives? NOBODY can hear your conversations with your boo. Hah!

16. Your intimacy exceeds your physical relationship.

No hugging, no cuddling and most definitely no ahem, action. But you’re still together, and still madly in love with each other.

17. You are together, because you want to be together. No other reasons.

You’re self sufficient, independent, and you don’t need your partner to support you through everyday crap. You want them, because you just do. It’s the best reason to be together.

18. You get to feel incredibly proud of each other.

Your gf/bf is awesome anyway. But knowing that they’re dealing with all kinds of things in life plus the challenge of a long distance relationship makes you that much more proud.

19. It gives you a sense of achievement and security.

If you guys can handle a long distance relationship, you guys can handle anything!

20. Most of all, the thrill of finally meeting them after a long time beats everything!

Best. Feeling. EVER!

So continue to do your thing, you guys! Distance does make the hearts grow fonder after all!