They say you’re lucky if you look younger than your age. But, let’s admit it! They completely miss out on the fact that it only helps after you turn 40! Up until, you feel like you grew up in vain! From having to justify your age for all the things you’re perfectly eligible for, to irritating jokes made on your baby-face, it’s just unfair!

Here are 18 struggles of someone who looks younger than his/her age!

1. People can’t guess your actual age and so they presume you’re a kid!

It works in your favor at times, but most often backfires.

2. You’re tired of shocked reactions from people when you tell them your age.

“What? Are you really that old?”

3. In fact, some people think you’re joking about your age.

“Sacchi? Mazaak mat kar yaar!” – Why on earth would you joke about your age? It’s absurd.

4. You’re seen as the “kid” of your group even if you’re one of the older ones.

Most of your “grown-up” matured advice go in vain because of this! Even intense looks don’t help…

5. Your relatives continue to pull your cheeks and say things like “beta, bilkul bade nahi hue tum!”

6. You have to carry an ID every time you go clubbing or for an A-rated movie!

Despite carrying your IDs, you get condescending looks from bouncers. They think it’s a fake.

7. All the jokes on you boil down to this: ” bacche esa nahi karte/vaisa nahi karte”

Shut up, already!

8. Your friends approach you for kid-meal coupons and student discounts, just to piss you off!

Happy meal chahiye?

9. The last few years of your college went in telling people, “I’m not a f***ing fresher!”

Imagine being called a fresher in your final year of college, by a fresher!

10. If you’re a guy, facial hair is your only way out of looking like a school boy!

11. And if you’re a girl, especially a short one, god help you!

No matter the things you try to look young, like no make-up, too much make-up, formal clothes, etc. you just don’t look old enough.

12. You’re sick of looking like a kid in front of your boyfriend/girlfriend.

The acknowledging smirks from people on “Yeah, you’re dating an older guy/girl” is simply annoying!

13. You’re also sick of kids hitting on you!

Even “find someone your age!” can’t save you here, because they’d think you’re just being evasive or shy!

14. If you’re the elder sibling, people confuse you as the younger one.

Remember the time you went to pick your younger brother/sister from school and everyone thought you were their friend and not an older acquaintance?

15. You avoid wearing outfits that make you look younger than your age.

Doesn’t help but why give up trying?

16. It’s very difficult for you to buy liquor all by yourself.

Too much chaos to deal with. You’d rather ask your friends to buy it for you.

Source: Brandon.buzznet

17. You’re not taken as seriously as your colleagues at work. And newcomers often think you’re an intern.

Just because you look young, does not mean you are. You deserve to be taken seriously!

18. You’re tired of the “you won’t get it” look from your friends when they complain about looking old.

It’s great that you’d look young even in your 50s but come on, what has it got to do with your empathetic capabilities?

Forever young? Sure, but after I turn 50!