She liked him. He was the kind of guy who could make women fall for him, you know. His deep hazel eyes would look straight into her soul, his mysterious smile would make her go crazy, his words would make her laugh like she had never laughed before, and his oh-so-husky voice, it would cast a magic spell on her. He would bring out the best in her. But was this love? Yes. No. Maybe?


No. She said she only ‘kinda’ liked him. Liked him enough to date him, but not to be with him. Enough to enjoy his company, but not enough to have it all the time. If you are part of the millennial generation, chances are that you’ve been in her shoes. This new twisted and a slightly selfish concept of love seems to be catching up with our generation these days. He is great, but, you know, he can’t be THE one. She is nice and friendly, but I don’t see a future. He is great with my friends, but I don’t think my parents would like him. She is smart, but I wish she was a little less possessive.

What’s the matter with us?

Why are we so flawed by the idea of love: the one that is shown in the movies, the one people sing about, the one with the ideal person, ideal relationship, and ideal everything? We believe in happily-ever-afters, but hardly want to take the effort that goes into the making of a relationship.

We want nothing less than perfect and we want it now!

We live in the world of fast food, and even faster home deliveries. We want it easy and we want it quick. Besides, we want to try new things – new clothes, new activities, new people. We get cheap thrills by doing so. Nothing holds our interest for too long because we believe that old is boring.


Love is not just watching sunsets and going to movies!

It is as much about the stained bed sheet because you spilled coffee after a fight, or about those late nights when you cried your heart out because of something that they did. We don’t understand that relationships take effort. Sometimes a lot of it! It is easy to give up, to walk out, to disconnect the phone and run away. But what takes heart is staying.


So why be scared all the time? Scared about what if it doesn’t work out, scared about what if he likes someone else, scared about what if he dumps you? Just scared!

But hey! Hold on a minute. What if it did? You’d only know if you give it a chance, right? Forget about perfection. Life is too short to have regrets and to wait for the one. Stop playing safe! It’s okay to put yourself out there. It’ll be worth it. Trust yourself.

…because what takes heart is staying.