All you need is love, said The Beatles. They were so wrong! All you really need in life is a bed. A bed that never walks out on you, the one that is always by your side, the one that will be there till the end.

And, why not? Your beloved bed has been there through thick and thin, through the house parties where you were the centre of attraction and also the lonely nights when you were dealing with a broken heart. Come to think of it, in the past 20 odd years, your bed has been one of the few constants in life. Here are 10 signs that you are in a relationship with your bed:

1. The sight of your bed evokes a feeling in you that no person has ever been able to.

2. Both of you have the same interests.

3. You can get bored of people but your bed? Nah!

4. It’s your favourite cuddle buddy.

Bed 1 Humans 0

5. Going back to your bed every evening is the highlight of your day.

6. From eating to exercising, you do everything on your bed.

8. Both of you are inseparable and nothing can keep you apart.

9. After a tiring day, you don’t crave for a special someone, it’s the bed that you look forward to get back to.

10. Lovers come and go, but your bed stays with you always.

It’s your forever and always, your ishq waala love !

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Okay bye. Time to go back to my bed now!