Snoozing, dozing, napping call it whatever you like but there’s nothing in the world you love to do more than sleep! It’s the most blissful few hours of your tiring, hectic day and you enjoy every damn bit of it. Here are 10 Things Only a Person Who Loves To Sleep Can Understand:

1. The one plan that’s always on for the weekend is ‘SLEEP TIME’.

2. There are days when you go to sleep at 10 in the night and wake up at 4 in the evening the next day.

3. Every house you visit you scan for couches, beanbags and recliners so that you can take a nice little nap.

4. Your bed is a heavenly place with the softest of mattresses and at least 3-4 pillows.

5. If someone has called you past 11 pm chances are you will involuntarily slip into a deep slumber in the middle of the conversation.

6. You don’t feel bad even if you sleep through a good movie in the theatre because you’ve got your money’s worth with a nice comfortable 2 hour nap.

7. When people tell you things like ‘All great people only sleep for 4-5 hours’ you look at them like this:

8. There’s no party in the world you’d miss your daily quota of sleep for.

9. When you travel, the most amazing aspect for you isn’t sightseeing or visiting the local restaurants, it’s sleeping on the ultra comfortable hotel beds.

10. Alarms are your Kryptonite.

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