There's always that one thing that we all would go back to save from a house-fire. Heirloom, some special gift or things with special economic value. There are some who would go to save their pair of blue jeans. That's how dear a pair can become to you if you are open to this alliance.

Your pair of purani jeans is so precious to you that you are scared of letting it out of your sight and so refuse to get it laundered. Lending your jeans to someone is unthinkable. They are like the good luck charm of your life without whom you are unsure of yourself.

If that's you, you will definitely agree with the following :

1. Your jeans are older than most other things you possess, but they're still your precious .

2. They fit like a dream, and nothing else can come close. This was like a match made in heaven!

3. They are like old wine. They get better with age. Rips, tears and fading makes it look even cooler.

4. They never go out of fashion and when you slip into them, you feel at the top of the world because you are so comfortable.

5. These jeans are so you. They make you look great without really making an effort and you feel confident and at peace in this pair!

6. If you forget to pack these jeans while travelling, you panic, feel depressed and basically, your trip is ruined.

7. If something happens to your pair, you start a wild search for the exact same pair.

8.You can't work at a place which considers wearing jeans as casual.

9. People who keep telling you to get rid of your best friend get the death stare.

10. There have been times when your jeans played Santa. You often find forgotten treasures in its pockets.

11. Spilling something on your jeans is the greatest crime anyone could commit to your person. It's absolutely unforgivable.

12. And if you were to be the one to commit the grave crime, you find it hard to forgive yourself for a long long time.

13. From your first date to first day at college, these jeans are like a partner who holds your hand while you attend all the important occasions of your life.

14. Every mark or tear on these jeans has a story behind it; like war scars, they are symbols of the difficult times you fought together.

15. No matter how many new pairs of pants you get, you won't allow anything else to take the special place it holds.

What's your jeans story?