India is a country where you’ll find people speaking in a different language every 100 kilometers or so. But there’s one language you’ll find traces of everywhere. And that language is English. It is spoken everywhere, used everywhere and of course, taught in our schools. While most of us developed a decent command over the language, there were some of us who took to it with particular gusto. If you were one of those people, then you’re probably going to be nodding your heads and smiling throughout this article.

1. You probably read all your course books within two months of getting your hands on them.

2. You never needed to “study” for an exam. You already knew everything by heart.

Right down to the freaking page numbers.

3. You probably (and not necessarily) had a strong aversion to Maths.

You never wanted English period to end. And you never wanted Maths period to begin.

4. You loved English because it was the one subject for which you SOUGHT to study “out of course.”

The stack of novels in your bedroom was proof of that.

5. You delighted in learning new phrases, idioms and figures of speech.

“You seem a bit under the weather” sounds so much better than “You look a little sick.”

6. English was probably the only subject for which you didn’t need to pull an all-nighter before the day of your exam.

7. Your textbooks in school introduced you to a lot of writers who would later go on to become your favourites.

Does the name Charles Dickens ring a bell?


8. At least once, you were inspired by these literary geniuses to write your own book.

It may or may not have worked out, but at least you tried.

9. And you had a passion not only for the written word, but for the spoken as well.

Remember how many Elocution and Debates you participated in?

10. Even though you may have gotten in trouble for it, you took great joy in correcting your friends.

It’s not “your,” it’s “you’re.”

11. Because if you picked science stream by mistake, then it was the only subject you were good at.

In other classes, you were Forrest Gump. In English class, you were Mark Freaking Twain.

12. You were most likely your English teacher’s favourite student.

13. And this adoration wasn’t one sided either. You either had a crush on your English teacher or respected him/her more than the Principal.

14. Even now, you’re grateful to have fallen in love with a language that was not really your own, but you made it yours anyway.

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