It is that time of the year again. As kids, there is so much that happened during the month of June. Take a moment to think about it. Those days are long gone, but the memory remains. Memories that are bound to make you smile and cry at the same time. We all had it, we all lived it, but we can never have it again. Oh, how time can be a cruel bitch. Here are 15 reasons why we loved the month of June as kids:

1. School was about to reopen

We all had our stories to tell. And the excitement of meeting our classmates again or the new ones who joined had a tinge of happiness and sadness about it.


2. The anxiety of a new year in school.

Admit it, a new academic session did make us all a little nervy and anxious.


3. The excitement of new bags.

The joy off fitting our new books into new bags.


4. The smell from the pages of our new books and using new stationery.


5. New teachers.

We would come to love some and hate some.


6. New benches to sit on and different partners.

You have a different bond with your bench mate in school. For those of us who were naughty and troublesome, we were never allowed to sit with our favourite people. But we got to know a different person better, every year. And they assisted us in cheating during class tests, of course.


7. The excitement of new subjects.


8. And of course, the prospect of seeing your crush after a long break or maybe finding a new one

The situation was always fluid. But they were surely a sight for sore eyes.


9. The proud feeling of having completed your holiday homework.

Felt prouder to have manipulated mom into completing it.


10. The monsoon.

The pouring rain and the lush greenery were both rejuvenating.


11. The cold pleasant breeze on a summer day bombarded by rain.


12. And with it, the rain holiday.

Too much rain? School off.


13. Playing outdoors during afternoons in the scorching heat.

Dehydrated, tired and half dead. That was our state. But we did get a sense of achievement. Something made us do that every single day.

14. Some exciting tuition classes.

Normally, these sucked. But sometimes, if you had the right company, tuition classes could be fun too. Not home ones though. They really sucked.


15. June was the month when all the good movies came out.

June is not one of the dump months, it in fact gives good audience traction. Back when movies were cheap, you could watch a few back-to-back.


Cheers to the overwhelming nostalgia of ‘June’.