Every guy knows how annoying a sister can get. If she's elder than you, she'll give you faaltu gyaan . If she's younger than you, she'll keep bugging you all the time. But no matter how irritating sisters are, they are undoubtedly the best things to have ever happened to us (though we might not admit it in front of them).

Here are 20 reasons why every guy is lucky to have a sister.:

1. You get the most honest opinion on everything.

Your friend: " Awesome jeans bro!" Your sister: " Are you out of your mind? Why are you wearing orange jeans?"

2. She has your back all the time.

Out on a late night drive with your girlfriend? Just call her and she'll cook up an awesome story to tell your parents.

3. You'll have enough 'awesomely silly' photos to LOL on.

She'll take silly selfies with you. You may hate it now. But over the years, you'll love the silliness. Thank God for sisters!

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4. Need your dad's car keys? Turn to the sister for help. There's nothing she can't brainwash your parents into.

Because parents generally trust daughters more.

5. You MIGHT JUST learn to stay clean.

Not quite sure of this one, but it may just work for 0.73% of the male population.

6. You can always trust her to keep a secret... unlike a kameena bhai.

7. There's always someone you can punch without the fear of being punched back hard.

8. With each fight, you learn to be more sensitive towards women... until the next fight.

9. Introducing your GF to your mom becomes relatively easy.

It's a female thingy. They do it best... Your GF, your mom, your sis. Too many females. You don't need to interfere.

10. You finally understand what your GF's texts actually mean.

Because your sister is also a girl.

11. Nobody can pull you out of depression like how your sister can.

Because she is also your best friend.

12. Nobody gets to know that you're equally scared while watching a horror movie.

Because she screams her lungs out while you scream silently from within...

13. There's always good company while attending boring family functions.

14. There's always a comfy, clean bed to crash into.

Because you're too tired to move the mountain of clothes, books and food on your bed.

15. You always have somebody to ask for a 2nd opinion when it comes to cosmetics.

Really? There are different creams for day and night?

16. You learn to distinguish between hot pink and Persian pink.

17. If you have an elder sister, it's like having another 'cool' mom.

She always pushes you to do better. Be it making that career switch or taking that film-making course abroad.

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18. If you have a younger sister then you'd be a great BF/husband:

Because you'd be a pro at handling tantrums.

19. Elder or younger... there'd never be a dull moment.

Life is so much fun when she's around.

20. She makes you feel loved. Even if it is not Raksha Bandhan or Bhai Dooj .

Source: Source: Jagran

Sisters! Are they awesome or are they awesome?