Wedding season is upon us yet again. People look for all kinds of advice ranging from "You should beware if your to-be partner is showing these signs" to "what kind of gift is suitable for a friend who is getting married for the third time". Most of us will be a part of at least one wedding this season, as a friend, family, acquaintance or the ones getting hitched.

The wedding invitation cards are a very important part of this rite of passage. Announcements in newspapers succeeded the word of mouth invitation and were in turn succeeded by invitation cards over the years. The invitation cards have taken on a new avatar altogether now. Here are some interesting, quirky and adorable invitation cards:

1. This one says we've found the music of our life in each other.

Source: Faraid

2. They will never have to sing "I'm leaving on a jet plane".

Source: Cakechooser
Source: Ayo Keta Cerita

4. The "Admit Two" might have to be edited for Indian family invitations.

Source: Jack on the web

5. DIY Theatre Ticket means they'll spend quite some time writing these together.

Source: The DJ Network

6. Their life together will be a beach party, everyday!

Source: Viito

7. This says: you complete me!

Source: Bodagrafic

8. If Sherlock and Miss Marple got married...

Source: Gwens bridal bazaar

9. So that no questions like "kahan mile", "kaise" will be asked on the D-day.

Source: Top Wedding designs

10. The credit limit on their happiness will never run out!

Source: Need more Cookies

11. And they lived happily ever after!

Source: How wedding

12. Dil toh bachha hai ji!

Source: Becuo

13. Traditional with a twist!

Source: Loharia

14. Classy and chic!

Source: Aliexpress

15. Message in a Bottle:

Source: Driverlayer

16. Two souls struck by wanderlust and cupid!

Source: Etsy

17. NRI looooouuu marriage.

Source: etsy

18. No more building castles in the air!

Source: Golden green

19. In dono ne ek dusre ko "YES-KIA"!

Source: Quora

20. Quirky!

Source: My Life is Brilliant

21. Elegant and sorted.

Source: Wedding invitations party

22. All-That-Jazzzz!

Source: Weddingseve

23. Match-es are made in Heaven!

Source: Pink Whistle Man

24. They probably fell in love over coffee and books!

Source: Quora

25. Rishton ki mithas!

Source: Quora

26. They probably grew up playing Tippy Tippy Tap together as childhood friends!

Source: Weddingger

27. Their romance probably owes a lot to WhatsApp...

Source: Quora

28. They are the social media savvy couple.

Source: Celeb watch

29. We love DDLJ sooooo much......

Source: Quora


Source: DNA

31. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Source: Indian cards