Over the years, Maggi has gone from being a snack for children to having a place in the street food pantheon of India. It is now everyone’s favourite solution to ill-timed pangs of hunger. Kids love it, college students swear by it and even the old slurp it from time to time.

Here are 13 reasons why Maggi has become a vital part of our national concsiousness.

1. Remember that time when you got munchies while studying for your exams till late in the night? Who came to the rescue?  Maggi.

2. If you’ve stayed in a hostel at any time in your life, you’ll know the value of Maggi like no one else!

3. No matter how many food joints opened near your college, the Maggi Waala’s stall was always the most crowded.

4. Probably the only dish you can never get wrong. Soupy or a bit dry, it always turns out just right!

5. House party? Bring out all the Maggi!

6. Lauki or Karela for dinner? No worries, there’s always Maggi!

7. It’s a treat that you love to share and eat with your friends.

8. There’s something so satisfying about putting a fork full of Maggi in your mouth and then slurping up the noodles.

9. And let’s not even start about the epic Magic Masala!

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