Call it ‘weird’ or call it ‘strange’ but it’s next to impossible for you to hit it off with people immediately after you meet them! Friendship for you is a long, drawn-out process that takes months or even years. Unfortunately, not everybody understands the pangs of being a person who can’t make friends easily. Here are 10 daily struggle of people who find it difficult to make friends.

1. Your hesitancy to immediately mingle with new co-workers or college mates is misconstrued as snobbishness.

2. You often end up having lunch alone in front of your computer watching funny videos on Youtube.

3. There are people who work in the same organization as you do, who you still haven’t spoken to even after a year!

4. Whenever you are invited to parties, you spend all your time checking your phone or feeling awkward.

5. You are constantly told by people close to you to ‘open up’ more or ‘mingle’ more.

6. You feel ‘left out’ whenever there are group lunches or group outings because everybody, except you, is busy chatting about everything under the sun.

7. You look at the number of friends on your Facebook list and wonder how on earth some people manage to accrue over a thousand friends!

8. Awkward silence around coworkers or classmates is part and parcel of your daily life!

9. You feel secretly envious of those people who can talk for hours with someone they’ve just met!

10. You don’t find the ‘forever alone’ meme funny at all. For you, it’s an everyday truth!

So what if we take time to make friends? Because we believe when it comes to friendship, it is the quality & not the quantity that matters!