The best thing about living in India is getting to live and grow up with so many religions, communities and traditions. All these things make it the perfect and sumptuous dish that it is. And if any one of these ingredients goes missing, it just wouldn’t be the same.

I have friends from all communities, but I am especially fond of mallus. They make for great friends and are amazing company. When I asked non- mallus what they felt about mallus, they had some amazing things to say:

1. “They can drink like a fish! This one time, my mallu friend and I had too many drinks. While I got totally sloshed, this one was still going strong! That was definitely a night to remember. No doubt getting drunk is even more fun with them around!”

2. “I love their cinema! They come up with amazing scripts which of course Bollywood remakes later.”

3. “Three years of being with a mallu and I can swear on the fact that you haven’t tasted spicy non-vegetarian food until you’ve eaten it at a Malayalee’s house.”

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4. “When I first met some of my mallu friends, I used to make fun of their accent, but I must admit, they have some really good command on the English language.”

5. “They are some of the most relaxed and peace-loving people that I know.”

6. “They are very, very passionate people. Talk about Rajnikanth being better than Mohanlal and Mammootty and you’ll know what I mean!”

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7. “They are crazy football freaks! They are so passionate about the beautiful game that you either end up cheering for the same team or have an amazing debate over the clubs you support.”

8. “They ensure that you get a free stay whenever you visit Kerala, which is as close you can get to paradise on earth!”

9. “With them comes unlimited supply of banana chips… Om nom nom nom!”

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10. “And not to forget the yummy coconut chutney and idli sambars for lunch!”

11. ” Hospital work becomes way easier if you have a Malayalee friend. If you know what I mean!”

12. “Ever seen a Malayalee without a gold chain? They know the ABC of gold a little too well. From what I’ve experienced, they are your go-to person for everything gold!”

13. “Their love for beef is so true, it teaches me the concept of mad and crazy love!”

14. “I have a couple of Mallu colleagues and they are some of the most hardworking people I know!”

15. “They have some of the most graceful women. I am also particularly fond of their elegant set sarees! Aren’t they just so beautiful?”

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16. “If you need anything from the Gulf, they are the best person to go to. They will either get it from the Dubai Shopping Festival or The Lulu International Mall (The largest mall in Asia) in Kerala.”

17. “Apparently, every Mallu knows every other Mallu. Their Mallu connections are just too strong and go beyond boundaries and borders!”

18. “When I say I know at least a dozen Mallus very well, I am not exaggerating. And each one of them is as down to earth as the next one! They are really sweet.”

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Dear Malayalees, some of you might not like us calling you Mallus, but that is just another way of showing our affection towards you. You guys are awesome and we love you!