How many times have we heard that phrase? Just because there are some of us who have literally dragged our gender’s reputation to the mud. But it does not have to be that way. Everyone is capable of change and every man should know wrong from right. It is not about guidelines that you follow towards leading a better life, it’s about doing what is right. If you want to leave behind a legacy, stand up for what is right and be proud of it. You may have to give up on a few things along the way, it may be hard but it isn’t impossible. Here are 13 things every man should break up with right now:

Men will be men!

1. Trying to be manly all the time

It is a common myth that men should be manly and not let our sensitive side out. However, sharing your feelings and shedding a few tears will not make you any less of a man.


2. Thinking that only housewives are marriage material

There is nothing wrong in being with an independent woman or being a home maker yourself. You will not lose face.


3. Trying to impress with looks and clothes

Dressing up is fine, but personality is what matters. Of course, you shouldn’t show up in pyjamas at a formal event but spending time in looking smart but not behaving smartly is a waste of time.


4. Paying attention to materialistic stuff

Just owning an iPhone won’t bring you respect. A man can be a man even if he does not have a phone. It’s your character that calls out to others, not your phone.


5. Forceful drinking at parties under peer pressure

You don’t have to prove that you’re a man by drinking or smoking just because someone raises an eyebrow if you refuse. Being responsible is the mark of a real man.


6. Showing off by abusing or getting into fights

It is not wrong to stand up for what’s right, but judging the situation and then reacting is the best way. You don’t have to be macho at all times; walking away is sometimes the right thing to do.


7. Being unfaithful to your partner

There are plenty of idiots out there who take pride in the fact that they can have their cake and eat it too. Real men remain faithful.


8. Bullying someone weaker than you

Be it physically or mentally, you need to stand for those who are easily picked upon, instead of being an asshole to them.


9. Expecting a pat on the shoulder for fulfilling your duties as a man

To be appreciated is okay, but just because you are doing something you have to, like cleaning your own mess, you don’t need to praised or expect to be.


10. Taking the spotlight for a good deed

Sometimes you need to do the right thing even if you aren’t appreciated for it. A man does what is right even if he isn’t credited for it.


11. Boasting about your past

You don’t have to attract people by ‘telling’ them what you have done, but by ‘showing’ them what you can do.

12. Telling lies to impress somebody

Stories can be interesting, but fiction is meant for novels. A true gentleman won’t need to woo anyone by lying but by being true and proud of himself.


13. Being scared of taking the fall

Sometimes you may have to take blame for someone else’s fault, maybe a friend. There is no reason to cry about it. You have to accept it & move on.


This goes for all the men out there. Being a guy may not be easy but the only ones making it difficult is ourselves. Let’s keep it simple. Be honest and be loyal, and respect will come your way.