Dear women, we, the men, would like you to know we aren’t some weird creatures from some alien land and you’re just stuck here with us. We share the same space and it would be awesome if we could all take the time to know each other a little better.

Here are some things about us that some of you might not know.

1. We too like to shop

And we’re crazy about sales!

2. We’re scared of spiders too

But we also like to stomp on things.

3. Not all of us are obsessed with sports statistics

Most of us keep the key things in mind just to make small-talk.

4. We still haven’t figured out the correct answer to your “Do I look fat in this dress?” question

And this is when the South Indian head shake saves lives.

5. We love romantic comedies

Especially the ones with Mila Kunis in them 😉

6. The only time we actually loved fighting was when we were showing off our WWE moves

Younger siblings and cousins – best props EVER.

7. Do not underestimate our love for the finer things in life

Wine and perfume? Hell yeah, why not?

8. It’s not like we don’t feel things

It’s just that most of us were raised in a society where we were expected not to show it.

9. We might crib about the bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body-wash, face-wash and whatnot you have in the bathroom…

…But we use all of them when you leave us alone there.

10. Do not judge us when we scream obscenities during gaming sessions

That’s when and how we usually vent out.

11. We really don’t mind when women offer to pay for food sometimes

Because free food is awesome!

12. We aren’t trying to be douchebags when we sit with our legs apart

We’re just trying not to squash our “jewels”.

13. Just because we don’t like to talk on the phone all the time, doesn’t mean we’re not interested

Pretty sure most women don’t like it either.

14. Whoever came up with the idea that men don’t like to cuddle, was a liar

We fucking love it!

15. All men jerk off

The one who says he doesn’t, is probably lying about it.

So yeah, nobody’s from Mars. Nobody’s from Venus. So…