From the juicy Dasheri to the exquisite Alphonso, Indians are crazy about mangoes. Most of us wait the entire year just for a chance to sink our teeth into one of them. And the best thing is that the fruit can be made into a plethora of exciting dishes and sides.

Here are 25 different ways you can enjoy the succulent taste of this summer fruit, whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner:

Like any meal, we kick things off with some drinks.

1. Mango Smoothie

No evening is complete without one of these.


2. Mango Lassi

And there's the Indian version of it.

Source: Silk

3. Aam Panna

Hot summer day = One cool, tall glass.

Source: Dishmaps

4. Alphonso Mango Juice

This one's a classic!

Source: YouTube

Bring on the snacks and side dishes:

5. Sliced Mango

Simple but just as delicious.

Source: Incoherentboy

6. Aam Papad

This one is probably the only dish that lasts all year round.

Source: Yumlicious

7. Mango Chaat

Ah, the spicey life.

Source: Wordpress

8. Mango Bread

Breakfast just took care of itself.

Source: Blogspot

9. Aam ka Murabba

Mango madness in a bottle.

Source: Youtube

10. Mango Pickle

A little bit of spice never hurt anyone.

Source: Reportme

11. Aamras Poli

A dish best served with puri or chapati.

Source: Burrp

12. Mango Jam

Look at it! It's just asking to be smeared all over a slice of bread.

Source: Wordpress

13. Mango Chutney

Sweet or sour? This one goes both ways.

Source: DaringGourmet

Ready for the main course?

14. Mango Curry


Source: Kitchendesibantu

15. Mango Salsa

Hot hot hot!

Source: Wordpress

16. Mango Raita

Just in case the salsa is too hot to handle.

Source: AboutIndia

17. Mango Chicken Curry

You wouldn't think it, but mango and chicken go together brilliantly.

Source: Goragoragora

18. Prawn Mango Curry

But even that awesome twosome can't match up to prawns and mango.

Source: Thakkara

We love mangoes. And we love sweet dishes. So it makes perfect sense to bring the two together.

19. Mango Shrikhand

Simply beautiful.

Source: YouTube

20. Mango Payasam

It's time to give in.

Source: Blogspot

21. Mango Kulfi

One more. Please?

Source: Whatscookingmom

22. A Frozen Mango Treat

Just perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Source: Tiffinbox

23. Mango Mousse

Where's my spoon?

Source: Wordpress

24. Mango Sorbet

Sorbet anyone?

Source: FitFathers

25. Mango Cake

Care for a slice? Or ten?

Source: Angsarap

But if all this doesn't work out, I know where to get my fix of mango madness from . And it looks like even Katrina is as crazy about mangoes as I am.