Remember Meghna Patel? She’s the small time model from Gujarat who ruffled a lot of feathers when she posed in the buff in support of the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Mr. Narendra Modi.

The images went viral on the internet, with the BJP promptly disassociating itself from the model/actress and reiterating that they do not endorse such publicity stunts.Well, she's back. This time, she's fan-girling for Mr. Modi in an extremely weird and slightly inappropriate video which is so WTF, it's actually hilarious.

In the video, she exhorts the people of India to "Vote for Modi." She makes it really weird.

After a minute or so, you see this slideshow of all of India's problems put together.

And then, Meghna gets mad about it. Like really mad.

She also makes an extremely misguided attempt to woo over the minorities.

There’s been no word on the BJP's reaction to this video, but we can safely assume it won’t be a pat on the back.