While a woman does not need a male chaperone, she needs a companion. A woman does not look for a patronising friend but needs a caring guide. A possessive partner is a nightmare, but a concerned friend is a boon for all women. Though women may not rely on men in their everyday lives, there are certain men every woman needs in her life.

As a woman, you need the following men in your life :

1. Your doting daddy who turned from being a strict father to being a friend

Your dad was possessive and strict when you were a kid. He cares for you and can’t bear to see you get hurt. Once you grew up, he shed that skin of being stern and became your buddy.


2. The brother who bullies you but protected you from bullies

He stole your chocolates and pulled your hair. He made fun of you in front of your friends and made you cry so many times. But as you grew older you noticed how he always had your back and he kept all your secrets.

3. The irritating childhood friend who turned out to be your best buddy

You got into so many fights as kids that the teacher decided to make you sit separately. He is now your bro- though he might not shop with you or visit the salon with you, he is always there for you.

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4. The gentlemanly professor because of whom you stopped running after boys and waited for a real man

He bedazzled you with his wit and impressed you with his charm. He became a mentor and helped you make those big decisions about your life and career. He is the one who set the standards high.

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5. Your puppy-love who allowed you to experience innocent, uncomplicated love

You both thought that saying ‘I love you’ to each other meant that nothing could change your equation and that you would always stay together. Though you grew out of that love, the nice memories linger.

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6. The colleague who never lets competition come between your friendship

In the highly competitive corporate world, he takes out time to point out your mistakes and save your ass. Occasionally he’ll be more than glad to drop you home and will expect nothing in turn.


7. The man you turned down but who chose to stick around, as a friend

Yes, so people call this being friend-zoned. I think its more like not being on the same page. And you don’t ruin good things like friendship just because something didn’t work out right? He understands this and chose to keep your friendship alive.

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8. The eye candy whom you would never date

He may or may not be out of your league, but he is definitely hot. His chiseled body and perfect hair are a treat for your eyes. But you will never fall in love with him, because you are SO different.


9. The cousin who is your partner in crime

Be it night-outs or random trips, he made a lot of things possible for you. He is always ready to become your alibi and knows the exact lines which can pacify your angry parents.

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10. Your 3 AM friend who will be there for you when no one is

He hears you blabber about your relationship, parents, anything. Though he might not leave an opportunity to make fun of you, he will be ready to bail you out from the most terrible situations you may land yourself in.

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11. Your horrible ex who taught you the most precious life lesson

Before that terrible break up with him, you never knew what all love could mean or become. Because of him, you learnt that your individuality and identity should never be put at stake, not even for love.

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12. Your brother from another mother

You are not siblings but share a love which is similar. He always has your back just like a brother. The only difference perhaps is that unlike a brother, you don’t need to be discreet around him.

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13. The one who becomes your Agony Aunt, educating you about the confusing ways of men

From helping you understand your boyfriend’s psyche to telling you what the cute guy in your class means when he gives you compliments, this friend is your window to the men’s world. He knows something about everything and makes your life easy everyday.


14. The man of your dreams whom you can’t wait to find and fall head over heels in love with

People keep telling you that you can’t find a knight in shining armor in your life and that’s not what you are looking for. You are looking for someone who can understand your deepest secrets and still love you to bits.

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A man can have only one best man, but thank God, we girls are lucky to have so many! Cheers to that!