Most of us women spend a majority of our lives cribbing about the inconveniences associated with our monthly cycle. Leakage, staining, rashes, chafing- there’s no escaping these evils when the red sea hits.

But here is a genius product that is going to make your monthly nightmare disappear. Super easy to use and carry around, these little silicone babies will ensure that your life is a leakage free, odourless, uninterrupted party.


A cheaper, hassle free, reusable alternative for sanitary napkins and tampons, menstrual cups are an absolute godsend!

So here’s how it works. While sanitary napkins and tampons soak up the river of vaginal discharge, a friendly little menstrual cup collects the blood every time you use it. Menstrual cups have the capacity to hold a lot more fluid than your average sanitary napkin or tampon, which means that it can last up to 8-12 hours per usage. So at the end of a long day, you can simply empty out it’s contents, wash it and put it back where it belongs. You can trust your new BFF to take care of things at night, while you snooze away.


Did we mention that there is absolutely no scope for any leakage?! AND no chafing!

Who does not have their fair share of embarrassing, borderline nightmarish stories involving staining and leakage? However, menstrual cups, worn inside the vagina, ensure that no blood escapes its walls. Once inserted, the surface of the silicone cup forms a t ight seal with your vaginal walls, making the menstrual fluid go straight into the cup without any chances of leakage or odour.

You can go about your day, and even go swimming or running without ever having to worry about blood trickling down.

Also, menstrual cups are an absolute steal!

Because they’re reusable, an average menstrual cup has a shelf life of about 6 years. In India, menstrual cups are available for about 700 INR. While each of us spend about 100-150 bucks per month on sanitary napkins or tampons, it doesn’t take much to figure out the ridiculously large amount of money you will be saving if you’re using a menstrual cup instead. There are disposable alternatives to the long-term use of menstrual cup as well.


Let us throw period stigma to the winds!

If you are grossed out by the idea of collecting menstrual blood, then you need to be reminded that wearing a bloody cotton pad for hours does too. It’s all a mental block, buddy. Menstrual cups are a no-nonsense, zero mess, pocket friendly means to make life on a period easier.

Here is a step-by-step guide to using this magical device:

A menstrual cup, made of medical grade silicone, is soft enough to be folded and inserted into the vagina. With intervals of 8-12 hours, depending on the amount of flow, it is to be removed, rinsed and re-inserted. While the idea of lodging something up your vagina might be slightly daunting, it really isn’t much of a hassle. It might take a while to get used to, but as long as you follow the instructions, it is smooth sailing. If placed correctly, and with practice, you won’t even feel it there. So, its comfort all the way!


And no, there is absolutely no way that it can get stuck in your vagina. Menstrual cups come with a teeny-tiny stem at the end, to facilitate removal. Tug at the end of the stem, push down on the cup so as to release the suction, and voila! It’s out!

Plus, because you can go up to 12 hours before you have to empty your cup, you don’t have to worry about frequent insertion and removal. Irrespective of whether it’s one of those days of a lighter flow or if your vagina is screaming Sparta, menstrual cups will have your back.

Menstrual cups are a healthier alternative to pads and are also a friend of the environment.

Usage of menstrual cups involves zero risks of contracting Toxic Shock Syndrome , a potentially fatal infection one can be exposed to if a tampon is left inside the body for longer periods of time. Besides, it saves you from exposure to chemicals that sanitary napkins are replete with.


The amount of waste an average woman generates while using traditional period blood absorbents is unimaginably high. Because usage of a menstrual cup involves flushing down the bloody contents, contribution to landfills is considerably reduced.

Menstrual cups can, however, break or stretch your hymen.


Quite like tampons, because menstrual cups involve insertion into the vagina, there are chances that your hymen might break or stretch owing to it’s usage. So, if you have not had intercourse, and are afraid of causing abrasions to your hymen, you should maybe steer clear of using internal menstrual sanitation means.

Here are some websites off which you can purchase your new BFF in India!

Available in cute vibrant colours and different sizes to suit your needs, these handy little babies come in cute discreet packaging too.

Have a happy menstruation, ladies!