For as long as I can remember, my mother has been complaining about my messy lifestyle. And messy is an understatement because whether it’s my room, my wardrobe or my head, everything has a substantial amount of ‘mess’ juggling around. So why should the purse be left behind?

I’m positive, some of you ladies have also been diagnosed with ‘the messy-purse syndrome’ and I’m not the only one. But why feel sorry about it? Here’s the deal. Sometimes what’s in our bag is actually only the casual stuff we really don’t think too much about. Hence, it’s not a reflection of our life. Here’s why it is actually a good sign:

1. You’re aware of the clutter you carry.

“I’m messy and I know it!” Empowering right? The fact that you acknowledge all the ‘hustle-bustle’ in your bag is a pretty fine thing. Because it shows you accept the same about your life.

2. The only reason it’s messy is because you value convenience over order.

So you choose to carry everything and simply go with it! Life is difficult as it is, why complicate it further? From a scarf to a hand sanitizer to lipsticks to combs to tampons and sometimes, even an extra change of clothes, you have it all stuffed in for whenever you might need it. #LifeMadeEasy

3. You know exactly where to find all the old bills & papers or anything ‘important’ that you might need out of the blue.

Half of the kachhra in your bag comprises of these random ‘necessities’ (necessities because come on, you never know when you’d have to produce that old debit card slip).

4. You walk proud with the pile you’ve created behind those leather sheaths. After all, it’s your mess, your baby!

Some people run from theirs. They try every possible thing to hide it, avoid it, fix it and eventually succumb to a less fulfilling solution. But, what is mess anyway? It’s a part of you. It’s the exactness of you!

5. You don’t fear ‘mess’ or the consequences of it. In fact, you carry it without any worry.

At the end of the day, you always find a way to clean it up. So why worry? It’ll keep coming and going. You aren’t timid about a little dirt in your life.

6. You focus on better, more important things in life instead of wasting time on organizing a freakin’ bag!

Seriously, why waste time on the ‘mess’ when you can go out there and live your life? I’d prefer living ‘outside’, investing time in things I really want to do in life instead of reorganizing the crap in my bag. There’s no point of it anyway.

7. It makes you a positive person.

How, you ask? Well, to begin with, you know after all that mess piles up and floods your bag, you’ll dump it out and start afresh. And so, you’re always optimistic about a fresh start whenever things get too complicated. A positive pleasure, I’d say!

8. You know how to clean up your mess.

Whether it’s your bag or your life, you know exactly when you reach your peak. your saturation. And you’re not afraid to clean up after.

9. You’re more practical and grounded in life.

You take on life as it comes. Because honestly, nobody is perfect. Things will keep piling up and bothering you. You can’t pay attention to everything or fix everything. The sooner you realize it the better. And you do, you are okay with being messy. You’re okay with not having to put on a perfect face all the time.

10. You’ve a big, warm heart of a lioness.

You’re nice and loving towards people in your life. You don’t categorize your feelings or your bag. You don’t feel the need to put them in order. They exist because they have to. It’s how life goes. Why try to establish order?

11. You’re the sentimental one in this over-proud, thick-skinned, cynical world.

As much as you’d like to call the crap in your bag a ‘mess’, some of that crap include things you hold very dear to you. Like letters from your ex, postcards, chit-notes from your friends, and so many other things you’d never want to get rid of and you know if you take them out and keep them somewhere else, you might lose them. So you simply don’t.

12. Everybody comes with a baggage. Lucky for you, yours is just a purse!

And because you carry it around with you, it’s the only immediate thing you hold and effectively accept and move on with.

13. There is nothing like the feeling you get out of finding a piece of old jewellery or a couple of coins when you need it the most.

Thank the Gods for the beautiful chaos they’ve made you, for when you or your friends need something out of the blue and you randomly search through your bag and find that thing you’ve been looking for, that happy-feeling you get is incomparable!

14. Life will always be a mess, but amidst the chaos you find order.

An art, I tell you! At least your bag is one less thing for you to worry about. And as far as everything else is concerned, so long as your head is sorted, you are sorted! Let not your bag decide for you.

Well, your purse might be a mess, unlike those super-tidy ones, but this mess has actually put everything else in order for you!