What is a woman’s worst nightmare? Mine certainly is spotting in public while menstruating, or basically anything having to do with periods.

Source : Patricia Navidad

When Mexican singer Patricia Navidad was performing live on stage, the unexpected happened. She accidentally slipped out her sanitary pad. However, that did not deter her from completing the performance. She went on to confidently sing on stage and finished the performance while the pad lay on the stage.

Here is a recording of the incident:

While Patricia invited a lot of criticism for her act from people, mostly men, she took to Twitter to express her opinion on the incident.

“If you were what you said, it is not even embarrassing, nor something to be ashamed about but when judged, you forget that you’re not who you say you are!!” – A loose translation of her tweet in Spanish said.

Source : Instagram

She added that it is a shame that some men forget they are here because of a woman and are offensive and vulgar towards them.

We have to give it to this bold and beautiful woman for keeping her calm in a situation where any woman would have freaked out.