Old civilizations have flourished and vanished here. There have been wars fought and won. Warriors have died for glory and their motherland. It has been captured and liberated. There are countless sects and innumerable gods here. Mythologies that are iconic and It has excelled in different fields over the years. India has no shortage of history. And there is no shortage of people who helped shape our country into a great nation. A nation we can all be proud of.

Here are 28 minimalistic posters that pay tribute to the real heroes of Indian history:

1. The Shaheed revolutionary

2. The bravest freedom fighter of them all

3. The ‘Rani’ who fought bravely

4. The one and only Netaji

5. The man who announced our freedom

6. The father of the nation

7. The man who defied the British

8. The first President

9. The father of India’s nuclear physics

10. The nightingale of India

11. The man who sought out to bring equality

12. The poet who denied knighthood

13. The boy who became God

14. The best hockey legend of all time

15. The Flying Sikh

16. The Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

17. The woman with the iron fist

18. The philosopher extraordinaire

19. India’s missile man

20. The first Indian woman to scale the summit

21. The trio that revolutionised the independence movement

22. The man who wrestled against all odds

23. The lady who punched her way into history

24. The man who hit the bull’s eye

25. The founder of the ‘Gulabi Gang’

26. The rocket woman

27. The man who caught Ajmal Kasab

28. The ones who fought bravely to recapture what was ours

Design credit: Lakshya Vij