For those involved in advertising, life isn’t conventional in the strictest sense. You reach office in the morning/afternoon (depending on when you left the previous night) and stay till.. well sometimes you just don’t leave. Between the morning chai, the afternoon chai, the evening chai, the smokes, the ideation, the creatives and, of course, the delivery, a lot goes on in the lives of those who are part of advertising. Here are 11 posters by Bodhisatwa Dasgupta that depict a typical day in the life of an advertising professional:

1. The finally finalised final draft!

2. Oh man! I’ll miss my bed tonight.

3. Shit! It’s already 2 AM and I forgot to call home.

4. It’s filled on time but never delivered on time.

5. The time when a client subtly turns into an asshole.

6. The medication increases in tandem with your BP.

7. It is my Bible and I remember exactly where I kept… F***!

8. Coffee. Loo. Coffee. Loo. Repeat!

9. The client always wants something new/unique/different but everyone should understand it. Oh the irony!

10.How original!

11. And that’s that.

About Bodhi

Bodhisatwa, or Bodhi as he is fondly known in the advertising circus is an obsessive, compulsive writer. When he’s not writing ads for a target audience he hasn’t met, he’s writing the first line of books that he won’t write. And when he’s not writing that, he’s writing about irrelevant things that have no implication in the macrocosm of things. Bodhi hates long words. Like obituary. And when the time is ripe, he’ll write his own, thank you very much.