Mirror, mirror on the wall.. who is the fairest of them all?

You ask this question everyday to your mirror and to yourself. An object made for personal grooming or admiring oneself will become so important in everyone's life, nobody knew. Some of us like to keep a check on how we look and some of us likes to keep a CONSTANT check on how we look! You might take a step back and get late but won't miss a chance to look into a mirror.

And here are few signs that prove you are a mirror-obsessed person:

1. In morning before you leave for work, you check yourself at least 10 times in the mirror.

2. First thing that you do when sit in your car, is not wearing the seat belt but to check the rear view mirror.

3. You are obsessed with glass buildings of malls or offices, because you just love your reflection in those mirrors.

4. For you standing in elevators is all about mirrors. Else, it would have been so boring!

5. It goes without saying, what selfies mean to you!

6. Your webcam is used more to check your hair and make-up than Skye-ping.

7. Your major motivation to hit the gym is that you can see your awesome physique in mirrors all around.

8. Out of 24 hours, 26 hours of yours are spent in styling your hair.

9. Where people make sure not to forget their car keys, phone or house keys behind. You make sure not to leave home without your pocket mirror.

10. You just love washrooms at five stars. Why? Just look at those big, lavish mirrors!

11. You don't only love getting clicked but have this habit of staring at your own pictures.

12. Going for a walk is all about peeping into the car mirrors.

13. And same goes for while travelling in metro.


But you just can't help it. After all,you look so awesome, man!

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