Every group has that one person who always offers you a tissue when you cry, snacks when you are hungry and lots of advice when you’re lost. The mom of your group – she proudly carries the tag and is not at all ashamed of being called one. The cement that binds your group stronger, she has the solution to all your problems. From dropping you home when drunk to taking care of you when you are sick, she does it all proudly and doesn’t even want to take credit for it.

Here are 10 signs you are the mom in your group.

1. You take care of your friends’ every little need. Your bag is a tiny household in itself which stocks everything from snacks, medicines to stationary.

2. You ensure that your friends don’t drink too much, and when they do, they don’t drunk dial their ex, and reach home safely.

3. Break ups, jobs or love life, you are always ready with some advice for your friends. And you are so good at it that you can actually write an advice column.

4. You are also their reality check when they get overly dreamy.


5. You are a genius when it comes to calculating money.

While your friends are awkwardly staring at the bill trying to make sense out of it, you swiftly calculate the amount each one has to pay, including taxes and tip.

6. You are the one who plans all the get-togethers and text everybody the details.

And when your friends do meet, you are the one who ensure they reach home safely and always ask them to, “Message when you reach home, okay?”

7. You make sure that your friends’ special days like birthdays and anniversaries are actually special. You coordinate with all your other friends and her boyfriend to plan a surprise.

8. You take care of your friends when they are sick, visiting often and calling them at least four times a day.

9. Someone dare mess with your friends. If they do, you turn into a monster and make sure they get a dose or two from you.

10. Everybody thinks you have your life put together, but you know it is far from true.

Go thank the mom in your group for all that she does for you.

Mommies, we take a bow!

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