She is that one person in your life who is fragile yet infinitely strong. She laughs openly yet cries alone. She cares for the family while thinking nothing of her own needs. And she is someone who can be a friend and a teacher at the same time.

“God couldn’t be everywhere, so he created mothers.”

There is so much we can learn from our mothers. Things like;

1. The value of patience

Look back on your childhood. Do you remember how your mother never got annoyed at you while helping you with your homework? How she never judged you for your teenage tantrums? Even when you argued with her, she never said anything hurtful in the heat of the moment and never held anything against you.


2. The importance of kindness

Mothers are kind to everyone. Be it friends, foes, dogs, cats, frenemies or the house help. Her kindness manifests itself in the generous hospitality she extends to anyone who visits the house. Isn’t she the one who taught us to be kind towards those who are less fortunate than us?


3. To be selfless

Selflessness comes naturally to mothers. They have no qualms about keeping their family’s needs before their own.


4. To never give up

How many times did you want to give up? Give up on life, give up on a career and give up on relationships? If there was one person who always got you back on track when you veered off, it was your mother. She was there, cheering you on, telling you, ‘YES, YOU CAN!’


5. The importance of values

When we’re born into a family, we adopt the values of that family. And who is responsible for passing these values on? Mothers, of course! It’s thanks to our mothers’ efforts that we can now call ourselves responsible adults.


6. How to be brave

During a crisis, a mother is the glue that holds a family together so that they can tide over the difficulty they are facing. If it weren’t for their bravery, families would probably fall apart at the first sign of struggle.


7. How to appreciate true beauty

Girls, wasn’t your mother the first person to tell you that make-up doesn’t make you prettier? And boys, who in your eyes is the most beautiful woman in the world? Your mother, right? Then why can’t we follow her example and appreciate the beauty that really matters? Inner beauty.


8. The power of commitment

Our mothers deal with a lot of difficult situations. It could be a nagging mother-in-law, a stubborn husband, an unappreciative sister-in-law or a family member who is only interested in putting her down. But they keep at it and try to make everything work, while maintaining their dignity.


9. How to build relationships

Relationships are a two way street and every relationship needs a lot of work. No matter how taxing one may be, our mothers constantly work towards strengthening it instead of abandoning it.


10. Being responsible

Mothers today not only bear the load of an entire household on their shoulders but also manage to juggle a full-fledged career at the same time. And yet we crib when we have to clean our room or reach somewhere on time.


“A mother is not a person to lean on but a person to make leaning unnecessary.” – Dorothy Canfield Fisher

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