We all know that monkeys can be pretty curious creatures but a monkey in Bareilly took his curiosity to a whole new level when he jumped into a bus and started driving it around!

According to a report by The Times Of India, the incident occurred when the conductor of a UP roadways bus went out to call for passengers.

The bus still had 30 minutes for departure so the driver decided to take quick nap at the back of the bus.

Ajay Walia

However, the driver had left the ignition key in its slot.

Soon after, a monkey appeared and managed to start the bus.

The sudden movement of the bus woke the driver up who rushed to the cabin.

Upon seeing the driver coming towards him, the monkey jumped out. But not before he’d put the bus in second gear.


The passengers fled for their lives after seeing the driverless bus coming towards them.

The driver managed to take control of the vehicle but not before it’d rammed into two other parked buses.


Rise of the planet of the apes maybe?