Who’s this Little Johny and what’s his problem? I mean, who doesn’t love the rains? The monsoon is one of the most loved seasons in India and each year we look forward to it with bated breath. The whiff of cool breeze, the romantic setting it creates and the respite that it provides from the scorching heat makes this season a winner. Here are 22 monsoon photos that prove there’s no season like it.

“Rain rain go away, Little Johny wants to play. ”

1. The looming clouds make for stunning visuals.

Source: jainhome

2. Bit by bit edging forward… Covering land and water alike.

Source: flickr

3. Casting a magical spell on everything that falls in its way.

Source: mikeolbinski

4. From the lesser known villages…

Source: twitter

5. …To the world famous structures; everything seems picture-perfect.

Source: skymetweather

6. And once the Rain Gods are ready, they begin the downpour.

Source: breakfastprojekt

7. Spreading smiles all over.

Source: noticias

8. Rekindling old flames.

Source: lapatilla

9. Kids come out in large numbers.

Source: imgarcade

10. And so do the colourful  paper boats.

Source: flickr

11. Even humble transportation feels like royalty.

Source: gagdaily

12. Wading through muddled waters is so much fun.

Source: magnumphotos

13. There’s nothing like a glass of piping hot Cutting Chai to go with the rain .

Source: breakfastprojekt

14. Or flipping through those page-turners in the comforts of your home.

Source: booklikes

15. It’s time to set yourself free.

Source: imgbuddy

16. To let you hair down.

Source: travel

17. To bond.

Source: latimes

18. To reflect.

Source: sacbee

19. To simply soak in the beauty.

Source: sacbee

20. To let yourself loose.

Source: magnumphotos

21. And when it all ends, it still is every bit beautiful.

Source: flickr

Oh! How I have longed for you, monsoon! Welcome back!