The words "I love you" are always a big deal. But when you've been with someone for a while, the words themselves stop conveying the feeling. There are, however, things that guys do without even thinking that are sweet, selfless and speak volumes about their love for their girlfriends.

From dropping their sweethearts home to surprising them at work, check out some of the guy gestures that say "I love you".

1. When a guy gifts the someone something that's actually meaningful rather than boring flowers and chocolates for their birthdays

2. He's ready for a night with the guys, and yet silently sacrifices it to chill with her because she's had a bad day at work

3. Giving her space when she needs alone time, though he really wants to be with her

4. Sometimes he'll watch that horrible romantic flick with her, even though it literally HURTS his eyes

5. Being calm and patient even when he's in a bad mood, just so that he doesn't spoil her mood

6. She works till morning, and he wakes up early just to spend time with her, even though he hates mornings

7. Clean his disaster of a room just to make her feel more comfortable

8. Going over to comfort her when she's down even if it's 3 in the morning

9. Making her coffee even when he doesn't really know how to.

10. Letting her snatch the sheets in bed, even while his toes get cold

11. Letting her warm her freezing hands on his face

12. Giving her a massage when she gets too tense

13. And singing her a love song even though his voice is the worst, just to see her smile

14. Surprising her with a scrumptious dinner when she gets back home

15. Letting her have the last slice of pizza, even when he's still hungry

16. Letting her sleep on his shoulder and not waking her up even when it starts hurting

Love speaks in strange ways, doesn't it?