Now, whatever you thought of, I am pretty sure cow is unlikely to be one of the first things on your mind.

What’s the word that first comes to your mind when you think about India?

However, a research carried out by claims otherwise.

The cost estimating website set out to determine the most googled-for object in countries across the world. It turned out that the results are far deviated from the preconceived popular notion about these countries.

The website used the auto complete formula of “How much does * cost in [x country]” Here is how the world map looks pointing towards the most searched object in different continents:

While we are still wondering how cow made it to the list, the results for other countries are no less surprising.

Weddings are the most googled-for object in Pakistan and Iran seems to have caught people’s attention with kidneys.

Africa’s results are disappointing. The research says that people want to know the price of a slave in this continent.

Europe was most searched for the price of flying a Mig. Other things that made to the list were food and studying.

Beer and prostitutes topped the list of most-googled things in South America.

About America, it seems like everyone wants an American passport and wants to file a patent.

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) was the most-googled for object in Australia.


Aren’t these some really interesting insights?

On another note, how much does a cow really cost in India?